Last Nov. 8 – 11, I went to Cebu to meet some web developers and web designers for the projects that I am working on as a freelancer. (I resigned last Oct. 7 and I have been working freelance since.) I was accompanied by PJ and although he also had to work, we did a side trip and explored the Northern part of Cebu. If you are looking for a tipid kind of itinerary, this is not the right travel post for you. What we did was something spontaneous, hence, not the best budget for a trip. Nonetheless, here is our itinerary and a breakdown of our expenses:

  • Grab to NAIA: P300
  • Airfare (MNL – CEB – MNL): P12767.60
  • Taxi from Mactan – Cebu Airport to Crown Regency Hotel: P200
  • SkyWalk Extreme Adventure + Dinner Buffet: P1500
  • Starbucks (Sobrang gastos lang nagSB pa sa Cebu. LOL.) : P175
  • 7-Eleven (mostly toiletries, and food that we will bring to Bantayan!): P450
  • Uber from Crown Regency Hotel to Cebu North Bus: P100
  • Cebu North Bus to Hagnaya Port: P340
  • Hagnaya to Sta. Fe Port: P400
  • Environmental Fee: P20
  • AirBnB: P3482 for 2 nights
  • Market (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for 2 days): P1500
  • Motorcycle: P500 for 2 days
  • Gasoline for the motorcycle: P50
  • Bag (This is totally unnecessary. Gastos lang to. lol): P140 
  • Lunch at Kermit’s: P280
  • Tricycle to Wharf: P200
  • Boat to Virgin Island: P1000
  • Entrance to Virgin Island: P500
  • Goggles for Snorkeling: P150
  • Nature Park Entrance: P400
  • Sta. Fe to Hagnaya Port: P340
  • Environmental Fee: P20
  • Van from Hagnaya Port to Mandaue City: P340
  • Taxi from Mandaue City to Mactan Cebu Airport: P200

TOTAL Expenses: P25354.60

Expenses per person: P12677.30

Few notes that I learned from our trip to Bantayan Island:

  • Take promo fares seriously. A big chunk of the expenses went to our airfare. I think this just costs around P250 during sale.
  • Before going to Virgin Island, buy meat and ingredients while you’re at Bantayan Island. I swear, the prices of the food are doubled or tripled on the island! For example, 1 liter of Coke costs P70!!!
  • It is really convenient that you have someone with you who knows how to drive a motorcyle. For instance, our AirBnB is not that close to the public market, or from the Nature Park, so we had to drive for 30 mins using a motorcycle. Our AirBnB host told us that it costs P200 if you hail a tricycle to go to public market.
  • Bantayan Nature Park is not that noticeable. You cannot see the sign when you are coming from the public market so be extra attentive and do not forget to ask the locals for direction.
  • Be really cautious and attentive when you are inside the BANTAYAN NATURE PARK!! I think I bumped a twig and a snake fell on the ground. I wasn’t able to see it but PJ did!!! He said it was a green snake. We asked one of the staff of the Nature Park if there are really snakes lingering in the area and he said that there are but they are just small and not harmful. I don’t know about you but just the thought of snakes near me is just freaking scary!!  It really freaked us out that we left the place before it gets dark! Haha!
  • AirBnB is gold. We had a whole beachfront apartment, complete kitchen utensils for cooking (perfect for those who love to cook!). They also have DVDs and books for leisure. Ate Chrissy also has been a wonderful host to us. Please check the references for their AirBnB listing if you would like to visit Bantayan Island!
  • Ask, ask, and ask! What made the stay easy for us is that the locals are very approachable. We met Kuya Poly at the Nature Park and he helped us get a private boat that will take us to Virgin Island. I shared his contact number below for those of you who are interested.

Here’s a photodump of the whole adventure:

Cebu Skywalk Adventure
Cebu Skywalk Adventure
Cebu Skywalk Adventure
Cebu Skywalk Adventure
The view from our AirBnB apartment
The view from our AirBnB apartment
A hammock is installed in front of our apartment.
A hammock is installed in front of our apartment.
Virgin Island
Fine white sand
I love view!
Virgin Island

I also did a vlog while we’re at Virgin Island. LOL. Puro tawa ko lang ‘to.



  1. Kuya Poly’s Contact #: +639506415340
  2. Click this for the AirBnB listing of the beachfront apartment in Bantayan Island where we stayed!!!

Thank you for reading!!!!