This is my first post for my Eat Girl series in this blog and I am guessing that this will be the most updated category because if it’s still not apparent, I am going to say it now – I love eating!

I’ve been a Pasigueña since childhood (although I was born in Pampanga). And before I self-proclaim Pasig as the traffic capital of the Philippines, I have watched Pasig bloom into a beautiful food hub. I mean, try visiting Kapitolyo and tell me that the search for your food cravings is not yet over.

So without further ado, I am going to feature this little food place at Kapasigan, 4K’s Home-made Specialties x Clash of Burgers. 4K’s used to be just a small catering service and I think they still do as per my research on their Facebook page. Click this for 4K’s Home-made Specialties Facebook page.

20161117_123717The ambiance is decent. The white wall paint helps in getting the right amount of light in the place. The menu were all laid out properly and everything looks clean.

There’s also a CCTV camera if in case you want to say hi to the person in the control room. JK! We need it for security purposes.


Once you enter, it seems like there is not that much space for you to dine-in but they do have another floor for guests who would like to enjoy their food inside.  20161117_124046

I am not sure if it’s just me or there is really a school-vibe with these stairs. #Nostalgic20161117_124050

I loved the art wall as well.20161117_124127


We ordered a pitcher of red tea and I was surprised that they only provided plastic cups rather than glasses. It came out as a surprise to me since the Pasig City Government discourages establishments from using plastic.I think this is something that they should improve on.

20161117_124840 20161117_124903

They are not the best in plating, but hey, Caldereta tasted good it tasted FIESTA!!


I did not like Embutido that much, it’s a bit too dry for my taste. Also, the stir fry veggies side dish didn’t match the viand. I guess it would be better if they paired a soup with the Embutido.

My favorite amongst what we ordered was the Nachos for only P79!!


Take a closer look at the Nachos if the picture above isn’t mouth-watering enough.


I haven’t tried their burgers yet so I guess that is enough reason to come back!!

Follow their social media accounts for more info:


Overall, I think that the place for people who are looking for full meal, but are currently tight on budget. There is not much parking space in the vicinity, hence, it will not be a good idea to bring your private car.

I hope that somehow, I was able to give useful information regarding this food place. Thanks a lot for reading!!!